Pee Poem

A poem, dedicated to the neanderthals who haven't entirely figured out how all the trappings of the employee restrooms work...

Six hours in, I can't contain it anymore
My body's breaking, my bladder's sore
I'm making a break for it
I'm taking a break to make a deposit

Oh, eww

I just wanted to engage in some brief reflection
Let this out so I don't get a urinary infection
I needed a little me time
A little pee time would be so fine

Oh, eww
Is that...?

But before I can release I look down
I was almost at peace but now I frown
Because directly below me
Is a whole lotta pee, don't you agree?

Oh, eww
Yeah, that definitely is, isn't it?
Oh Christ

It's on the ground
It's in AND around
The seat that no one should sit on
Because there's pee there

There's pee there, you guys

- Your coworker