Stop 'Spooking' in Puns


I know today is Halloween, but stop trying to awkwardly insert the word "spooky" into everything you say. It's not a pun if you just drop it into the middle of a sentence that otherwise has nothing to do with that word...or anything else that's ever existed as a thought.

A pun is a clever manipulation of words that suggests it has multiple meanings and can be applied in a humorous way. A regular phrase with "spooky" attached to it is you failing to understand why no one ever wants to take long bike rides with you. We'd probably try to swerve into heavy traffic just 'cause, hey, you can't die in your nightmares, right?

Here are a few more examples of why all your pets probably commit suicide:

  • "Did you see the treats Karen brought in today? They're spooky-licious."
  • "Stapler? More like spook-ler!"
  • "You guys, I think my tie is haunted. I guess the dress code today is spooky casual! I mean business spooky! I mean--hey where are you guys going?..."

So...moratorium on the bad puns, ok?

They're ghastly.

Happy Halloween,
Your coworker

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