re: Vacation Request Denied

Hey boss,

I noticed that my vacation request for next week was denied. That's a real bummer, you see, because I had major plans coming up for that week. But you already knew that; you read my request.

So I have just one question: do the words "Saved by the Bell marathon" mean nothing to you?

Maybe I understated it when I wrote "Saved by the Bell marathon!!!!" as my reason for needing some time off. First of all, I should have used at least another three exclamation points to describe the importance of such an epic vacation. But I left its importance subtly implied, so I'll concede that was probably my mistake.

But I truly need these days off. As you may know, it's been a stressful few months and...I don't know, it would just really help me, personally, to take a few dozen hours and watch Kelly Kapowski play beach volleyball or sing along with Jessie Spano's rendition of "I'm So Excited." And I'm prepared to spend every hour of the next few days trying to convince you that I deserve this.

Would it sway you at all if I told you they were even including The College Years episodes? Are you one of those SBTB fans?

Also, if it makes you feel any better about letting me take time off for this, what you might call "silliness," I know for a fact that several other people have done and will be doing the exact same thing. So quit hating on my vacation or I'll be forced to pull a patented Zach Morris Timeout (which would involve me throwing up the "T sign" just before throwing my elbow into your face).

To be clear, I don't want it to escalate to that.

Your "preppie" employee


  1. I think it's time for you to start planning your mischevious, yet "logically sound", plan to get around this denial of your vacation request.

    Take inspiration from your hero: You know like the classic episode when Zach was in two places at once (detention & at The Max to win a radio contest)!

    Let me know if Mr. Belding, I mean your boss, catches you.

    Waiting for the bell

    1. I managed a plan similar to yours. See, I was actually at work doing work-like things with my hands, but my brain was playing that Saved by the Bell marathon. All. Week. Long.

      Thanks for the idea.

  2. What?! The request was denied? Your boss must have a thing against Screech...Okay, so we all do, but still! Now all of your marathon training wasted, too. I hope you didn't carbo load this week in preparation. It can leave you feeling so bloated.

    1. Screech wouldn't be Screech if everyone didn't find him completely annoying.

      Fortunately I didn't carbo load. But unfortunately, I tried to pull a Jesse and loaded up on caffeine pills for this thing, so needless to say I was "so excited...so scared" for work the next day.

    2. Well Jacob, here is one for you... our company stated that there will be no requested time off any any employee during the monts of Aug/201-Sept 2012 so I too missed out on my vacation which was to be Aug 20/2012 - the GM denied me and here is the clincher. Another co-worker in our office was denied for her vacation Sept 2/2012 , she created a storm with our union and the next day - behold , she was granted her time off.. Unfair, you bet ya... I am filing grivience agains our company on the policies they inforce but waite, the GM came back to me and said, she had a very unusual situation and he is willing to grant me this time off.>> Sorry buddy, my vacation is now ruined since the Cape Cod which we were going to do is not totally booked. What did he expect me to do 10 before I was going to take my vacation.>> Every office has an ass to compliate things. I feel I am in the drivers seat.. Going to raise hell!! so glad I read your posts

    3. That's unfortunate. Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. As a guy named Jesse, saved by said bell was one more reason to hate schoolmates insisting to call Jesse Spano or just Jessica. I'm not saying one must take the songs of Jonny cash as a form of realism, but the song Boy Named Sue CLEARLY and EXPLICITLY gives harrowing detail as to what a boy with a female gender specific name is capable of, and therefore is not to be plucked with. I pulled that censor from another blog of yours. Fuckin right I'm a fan.